Concept TXZ

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Concept TXZ

Post by kelley71 » Sat Mar 28, 2020 6:51 am


I have fished my new TXZ twice and I am trying to get this reel dialed in. I have a couple of questions....

1. What is the optimum amount of line on the spool using 20-30 lb braid? I have heard varying storied of these reel performing better when they have a little less line on them? Do you fill 1/16 from lip, 1/8?

2. With your braking system, how do you suggest the spool tension? Like traditional bait casters or the old let the lure fall to the ground method and adjust tension ?

I think this reel has real potential and longevity but I can cast my Coastal SV Tw 10 yards further with less backlashes on my Laguna Latis Stick.

Any help would be appreciated..

Best regards,

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Re: Concept TXZ

Post by 13Fishing » Mon May 18, 2020 8:02 am

Hi Kelly71,

Sorry...somehow missed this.

The TXZ spool, and all the Concepts cast best when its filled about 1/16" from the lip.

Adjust-ability will really depend on your casting style. I find that guys will really explosive casts do better with more cast control cap tension and less centrifugal brakes. Guys with smoother casting delivery can use less cap tension. Casting has a lot of variables, its not all about the weight of the lure. Most avid reasonably skilled anglers set the concept centrifugal braking between 1-3.

Hope this helps..sorry such a late reply.

13 Fishing

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