Baitsanity Antidote ....

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Baitsanity Antidote ....

Post by Real Pudd legend » Sat Oct 03, 2020 8:10 pm

Hey fellas,

For those of you who have this bait how are you upgrading the hooks for optimum performance? Are you using 2x hooks or 3x hooks and sizes for front and rear . Also what size works best for the slow and super slow sink?

Thanks in advance !

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Re: Baitsanity Antidote ....

Post by Cristo » Mon Oct 05, 2020 7:22 am

Some one get the Legend some intel please 8-) =P~

If it's like any bait I've had in the past obviously lighter hooks are going to get you more of the slow float riser suspending action I believe from my experience at least

Now if you're dressing hooks like I do I feel like you're going to get quite a bit of difference in variation depending on how much feathers you stick on there but if you're leaving them naked which I imagine you are I would get a couple packs of what you like and experiment. Not the most ideal situation but I find you get the best information that way if you're afforded to do so remember water temperature and other variables may have some difference.

Hopefully someone can chime in I'm sure there's plenty of users of this particular baits that could give you some more definite answers :-k
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