My favorite fly west / backpack in a stream fishing and in a seatrout fishing from a shore

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My favorite fly west / backpack in a stream fishing and in a seatrout fishing from a shore

Post by jvelth74 » Thu Oct 07, 2021 11:04 am

My favorite so far has been Vision Mycket Bra:
Mycket Bra.JPG
Mycket Bra.JPG (63.94 KiB) Viewed 377 times ... -the-army/
It's a combination of fly west and (very) small backpack. Front pack can be used separately from back pack, but so far I haven't used that this way, because I have had always stuff pretty much all those can take. Usually I have standard pliers, and knifes and sharpeners and measuring tape and lures of 1 - 3 small boxes and GoPro or two and spare batteries, and lines and leaders and ~5 cans of drink and raincoat + landing net. So then this 'Mycket Bra' pack is basically full. But it's still comfortable to carry, but only if it's balanced well between back and frontpack. For example if I dry all drink cans in front, that leads unbalanced situation, and I must move 1 or 2 full cans from back to front. This pack can be rotated by disconnecting low straps, with nothing must be set towards ground, where can be ticks.

So Mycket bra can be used without backpack, by using additive straps that comes with delivery. But Front pack can also be used with bigger backpacks. As a bigger backpack I have used Miltec 'Assault packs', in size of Small and Large, depending on how much I want to carry with. If I don't know will I need my windproof smock or will not: ... /p/603163/
and want to pack it for a spare, then Small 'Assault pack' is enough: ... /14002002/
and if I need more spare clothes, then I take Large 'Assault pack': ... dcQAvD_BwE

Vision Mycket Bra seems not being the only one of this kind carry system. It seems that other manufacturers has similar...

Which is yours favorite carry system when you go to stream fishing or sea fishing from shore?

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