Choosing between Dobyns 705 and Powell Max 705

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Choosing between Dobyns 705 and Powell Max 705

Post by tommyroland » Wed Jul 28, 2021 8:02 pm

How to choose a good vacuum cleaner for you and your family

The market of modern vacuum cleaners can be tricky to navigate. What is The Best Vacuum Cleaner, and how do you decide? All of these are questions one needs to address before settling on an answer.

A vacuum cleaner can be an investment of a lifetime. First, they are not cheap (an average one costs around $100). Second, it takes a while to ease into using a vacuum cleaner, to know all of its functions and get your hands around it. Third, with such an amount of money, why do you want to get something that is not built to last?

With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the essential things to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner. Come with us on this journey. We promise it will be delightful!

A vacuum that runs on electricity or battery

The first thing to consider is whether you want a plugged in or autonomous vacuum. Here are two things to keep in mind:

Electricity-powered cleaners are corded vacuums that require you to be near an outlet to vacuum. This might be an issue for people that do not have that many outlets around their houses, or if these outlets are not at a comfortable position. Further, in case the cleaning hose is not that long, this might make it difficult to reach beyond the radius that the hose allows. In exchange, you never have to worry about the cleaner running out of battery, dying mid-session. You should, however, replace the battery every other year, depending on the specific instructions of the brand.


Battery-powered cleaners, on the other hand, save you from the worry of being stuck to one place. You can move anywhere you’d like because the battery is already inside the machine. What you do need to worry about, instead, is the battery life. This refers to how long the machine can last on a single charge. There is no definite answer to this question, as it depends on the specific type of the vacuum. Handheld vacuums, for example, are on average weaker than stick vacuums.

Ease of cleaning

I’m sure we can all recall the memory of our parents bending their backs vacuuming the floor. Geez… imagine the back pain.

Most Best Vacuum Cleaners are designed to alleviate this problem. They do it by making the hose longer so you don’t have to bend down to compensate for the short hose, or make the vacuum upright so you can clean the house while standing.

The upright line has been among the most popular models of cleaners on the market exactly because of this ease of use. Users can easily push it around, swivel it to any angle and corner without having to break their backs. What’s more, they are no less rigorous and powerful than traditional vacuums.



There are multiple added features that good vacuum brands have equipped their products with. These include HEPA filter, crevice tool, upholstery holder, pet power brush, and many more. Make sure to do your own research regarding the specific uses of these accessories to find out the most suitable vacuum for you.

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Re: Choosing between Dobyns 705 and Powell Max 705

Post by hoohoorjoo » Wed Jul 28, 2021 8:32 pm

First off, welcome to the forum. Do you mean the Champion or Extreme series?
Try not to let your mind wander. It is much too small to be outside unsupervised.

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Re: Choosing between Dobyns 705 and Powell Max 705

Post by godshippy » Thu Jul 29, 2021 9:46 am

Welcome to the forum!

I suppose it depends on what weights/baits you're looking to skip.

I have a Champion 705c and it's definitely a good pitching stick, but I'd rather use a 704c for skipping because it has a bit softer tip to get that flinging action.

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