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Sneaky Good : St. Croix's BassX BAC710HF

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Sneaky Good : St. Croix's BassX BAC710HF

Post by Cal »

Sneaky Good : St. Croix's BassX BAC710HF


Introduction: Revamped and refreshed for 2022, St. Croix's Bass X series has been a go to choice for anglers seeking substance and value over flair and breaking the bank. Let's face it, at the rate costs are increasing in bass fishing across almost every aspect of the game. For anglers with more self control than I, the attraction of more value driven tackle has never been more strong. St. Croix's BassX features an updated blank and an intriguing new, hybrid guide train. Here's our look at one of the sticks in this refreshed lineup, introducing the BassX BAC710HF.

Complete Article: http://www.tackletour.com/reviewstcroixbac710hf.html
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Re: Sneaky Good : St. Croix's BassX BAC710HF

Post by GOOD YEAR 71 »

Not interested in the stick, but I'm all over that 17 tatsu :hugs:
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