New fireline fused 8 carrier

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Re: New fireline fused 8 carrier

Postby ScoobyDoo » Tue Nov 21, 2017 5:45 pm

Since this is an ongoing type thing.

I've now started to get some fuzzyness in the last 6 feet or so of line. So I guess it will happen with this stuff.

It has also gotten a bit noisier.

Not as bad as the original..but nothing at all like nanofil.

Still good stuff.. I'd say the 4lb test is probably the best choice for most freshwater trout and bass fishing. Using 6 to 12lb test leaders

It's tough and strong. KNots are a bit finicky still. Fished an alberto knot for the first time in awhile with it. And it didn't break in my hands like when I tested a bunch when it was new. SO maybe when all that waxy crap bites better.
Who knows....
Been fising the same PR knot for the past 20-30 hours and it started getting a bit too sketchy to be tossing the fancy japaneezium plugs

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