Steez Rod and Guide?

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Steez Rod and Guide?

Postby webwarrior » Thu Oct 04, 2007 6:48 am

So the other day I was fishing with my 7'1 heavy steez rod.. I put the rod in my storage compartment and when I got home, I noticed that the top ceramic guide fell out. I was p*ssed as there were not hooks or anything up there to push it out.. IT just fell out, no damages or anything.. So anyways, I called Daiwa NA and the guy tells me to SUPERGLUE it. I asked him to repeat that so I heard him right and he tells me, yeah just super glue it back on.. Otherwise, bring it in for repair or get a rod tip repair kit. I was LIKE, WTF?? Isn't it covered under warranty? Its only 7 months old. A 500.00 dollar rod should not fall apart like that and then be told to just superglue it back on.? Needless to say, I was disappointed with Daiwa's customer Service.. I might have to revert back to St. Croix Rods.
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