Guidelines for Referencing Non-Advertising Retail Entities

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Guidelines for Referencing Non-Advertising Retail Entities

Post by JIP » Mon Jan 29, 2007 7:38 pm

Guidelines for Referencing Non-Advertising Retail Entities

TTF allows the discussion of non-advertising retail entities and listings of subsequent URL's under the following conditions:

- The author of said post is not affiliated with or employed by the non-advertising entity in any way.

- All references will be made in the context of informational exchange between forum members.

- The reference makes no attempt to promote or market the non-advertising entity beyond the context of providing recommendations based on personal experience and testimonies.

- If adding to an established post, and you have an affiliation with the product or company, please state so at the end of the post.

TTF Administration and Moderators reserves the right to edit, move or delete posts that do not follow the the spirit or intent of these guidelines.

Threads posted to the Hot Deals and For Sale Forums are further governed by the stated guidelines specific to those Forums. The TTF Administration and Moderators shall exercise their best judgment with respect to the reference of non-adverting entities. Clarifications should be requested by PM and/or email.

Abuse of this policy can result in loss of forum privileges.
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Re: Guidelines for Referencing Non-Advertising Retail Entiti

Post by ultralight » Tue Jan 30, 2007 11:15 am

Great. Commend your clear, balanced and generous approach.


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