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Re: ICAST 2017

Postby Brad in Texas » Wed Jul 12, 2017 10:38 am

DirtyD64 wrote:
Hogsticker2 wrote:
DirtyD64 wrote:
MediumHeavy wrote:Always look forward to new Megabass offerings, but also new stuff from daiwa, the Shimano Curado rods, and the Sunline Siglon braids. \:D/

I always like new line. We are overdue a good new fluoro though. I think InvizX and FC Sniper are hard to beat, and I have no idea how long they have been around...

Nah. Pine has a newer fluorocarbon, Tactical. Great stuff too. Sunline has a new fluorocarbon coming at Icast as well.

Is it the new cranking FC??? I figure it is just repackaged Reaction FC. Also I NEVER heard anyone speak of the FC Assassin that came out not long ago. I really prefer HiSeas Quattro for ANYTHING. You just have to go 2 sizes down, their 10lb is like InvizX 15lb. Either way, I'm not worried about the braids, been a Sufix 832 fan always. Happy to see they are releasing an 8lb version, just wish TW carried the 6lb.

DirtyD64, You might give the relatively new Sufix Nanobraid a go. I use it on ultra-light gear at 2 lbs. and I have been amazed by its strength, now all the way up to landing a 4 lbs. LMB with it. It is available up to 14 lbs. so I have thought about giving it a go on another reel I normally have spooled with 10 lbs. Sufix 832 with 8 lbs. Invizx fluoro leaders. It is slightly smaller in diameter at the same test rating, all Dyneema fibers as I recall, but they are wound "tighter" as I recall. Brad

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