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Welcome to TackleTour Discussion Forums!

Postby Cal » Thu Dec 08, 2016 12:22 am

New and established members alike,

Thank you for your continued support and participation in our discussion forums. Recently, we've made some upgrades to the forum to help curtail the incurrence of spammers and their posts. Hopefully the transition has been relatively seamless for you. Thank you for your patience during this installation and configuration.

To our non-registered guests,

Thank you for visiting our forums. We appreciate your presence here but only offer a limited view of our discussion areas for non-registered guests. We encourage you to please register in order to experience the full breadth of our discussion topics including specific areas for the discussion of Enthusiast Tackle, Maintenance and Supertuning (under Shop Talk), Fishing & Techniques. Registered members can also take advantage of our very popular Hot Deals and Classifieds forums, and lastly registering with us allows you to visit an area where representatives from various manufacturers log in to answer questions you may have about their tackle (our Manufacturer Support Forums).

Either way, thank you everyone again for your continued support of our site.

TT Staff
Cal, Managing Editor
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