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Re: Daiwa: Best Customer Service - Toby

Postby toddmc » Tue May 05, 2015 9:44 am

Finnz922 wrote:
toddmc wrote:
Finnz922 wrote:I got a hold of Toby the other day... Finally. Top notch customer service as usual.

I had been looking for the Daiwa Tatula Type HD handle to see if it would match the my two Zillion 50ths. It doesn't, ](*,) . It is a little more of a raw aluminum color with a bluish hue to it. It looks okay with the Zillion R drag star but still not an exact match. I have another on back order and will put it on my TDZ 103H. The one I have is on my TDZ 100M. At 100mm it makes for a great cranking handle and is very comfortable.

I'm waiting for Daiwa to get in the new AIRD 90mm silver handle to put on my USDM Zillions. I'll add a second bearing and new knobs. Daiwa just got up the part numbers for this new AIRD reel and the handle on their site looks like a lighter silver than any of their other handles, but it's not 100mm. I think they told me the cost would only be about $16. I'll let you know how it looks on my 50th that also has a Type R star when I get a few.

Let me know. Thanks :D

The AIRD handles look good on both the 50th and original Zillions. They have longer brass posts and they are thicker than the Tatula handles which adds a few grams. They are also a little different design. You will have to add several shims to get a standard I shape cork knob to fit. They come with 4 bearings (2 under each knob) which makes them a steal!
AIRD Handle on Zillion.jpg
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