What the Finesse ?!? : Do You Swivel Shot?

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What the Finesse ?!? : Do You Swivel Shot?

Postby Cal » Thu Jan 25, 2018 6:23 am

What the Finesse ?!? : Do You Swivel Shot?


Introduction: How many of you have a love hate relationship with your spinning tackle centered around that one, seemingly unavoidable malady - line twist? Do you spend time between casts letting your bait hang freely and spin out of the twist? Several years ago, Gamakatsu with the help of pro staffer Shin Fukae came out with an innovative little design to help drop shot fishermen minimize line twist problems. It took us some time, but finally, here is our look at the Swivel Shot Drop Shot Hook.

Complete Article: http://www.tackletour.com/reviewgammyswivelshot.html
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