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OSPs Transformational Yamato Walking Bait

Posted: Thu Oct 26, 2017 6:38 pm
by Cal
OSPs Transformational Yamato Walking Bait


Introduction: JDM rods and reels are the weapons of choice for many an enthusiast tackle collector. But for every manufacturer of high end rods and reels, there are two or three more that specialize in carefully crafted, highly technical baits. Some of these baits are even more difficult to come by and sometimes, we don't know or even hear about some of the more effective bait products made for other markets. OSP is a manufacturer that has skirted the line of popular mainstream baits, but those who pay attention know about their quality, and sometimes hard to get baits like the Blitz, Rudra, and Asura. Today, we take a look at OSP's entry into our TWB themed week with the dual personality Yamato.

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