SpotSticker Baits Puts the Q in Jig

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SpotSticker Baits Puts the Q in Jig

Postby Cal » Wed Aug 02, 2017 10:11 pm

SpotSticker Baits Puts the Q in Jig


Introduction: Flipping jigs, finesse jigs, swimming jigs, casting jigs... when did jig fishing become such a specialized technique? Used to be you just had to choose between which type of head you wanted to use based on whether the bottom was rocky or full of weeds, but now you have to add consideration for how you're going to fish that cover into the formula. Well, of those categories we listed, there is one that decodes into the words every recreational fisherman likes to hear and read. They are the two words that relieve the paralysis brought upon by too many choices. If you're looking for one type of jig to do it all, jigs with the designation of "casting" can be considered your "all purpose" jig. Today we take a look at one such jig with this designation and it is made by Spotsticker Baits.
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