Fish Quietly and Throw a Big Stik

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Fish Quietly and Throw a Big Stik

Postby Cal » Mon Jun 13, 2011 3:02 am

Fish Quietly and Throw a Big Stik


Introduction: Pencil Poppers are no secret to those in pursuit of explosive strikes from aggressive fish. They are particularly effective for species like Striped Bass and during the Fall and Winter months, you can find variations of this bait tied to the end of the line of the great majority of striper guides on the California Delta. One guide in particular, Randy Pringle, has gone through painstaking design and research of his very own pencil popper bait. Ima's Big Stik took several years in development and was built to Pringle's exacting specifications. Several weeks ago, we brought you an inside look (literally) of this bait during Zander's Autopsy article. Today, we look at just how this bait performed in one of the most exciting fishing environments known to freshwater anglers, the Brazilian Amazon.

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