One Fisherman's Trash is Another's Hot New Bait

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One Fisherman's Trash is Another's Hot New Bait

Postby Cal » Wed May 18, 2011 7:26 pm

One Fisherman's Trash is Another's Hot New Bait


Introduction: Back in October of 2010, at the 2nd Annual Bass Jam thrown by in Cotati, California, we met Benno Heune, soft plastic bait designer extra-ordinaire. Benno has been a not very well kept secret in Northern California amongst recreational and tournament fishermen alike who are all aware of his prowess at designing and pouring unique soft plastic baits. After several starts and restarts, at forming a company to make it all official, Benno has finally gained a foothold in the highly competitive soft plastic bait market with Little Creeper Bait Company and he's done so with a bait, most would argue, is in an already over saturated market.

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