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GoPro Lens Filters

Posted: Tue Dec 24, 2013 12:42 pm
by Mags00
Alright so I have a HD Hero 3 in the water box and a pole for underwater shots, now my next concern/purchase is a filter. I'm looking to get a Polarizing filter for winter videos and a macro lens as well. Now my big dilemma is whether or not to buy a PolarPro or an Eel Vision filter for underwater video, I've read some reviews on them both and the positives of the Eel Vision filters make me sway to them big time seeing as it goes inside the housing and not a clip on that is exposed and could be damaged. But the negative is you can't quickly change it so that makes me want to buy the Polar Pro one. Now the main thing is I don't know which color filter I should get the water I fish is mostly green/blue hue freshwater and sometimes it's stained light brown as well. If anyone has any insight to either of these products please let me know.