Japanese style bass boats

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Re: Japanese style bass boats

Post by BRONZEBACK32 » Tue Aug 07, 2018 4:44 pm

Winstondry wrote:
DirtyD64 wrote:As I get closer to finishing college or getting a better career, I want a new boat, but unless I hit the lottery or really pick up a heck of a job, a $70,000 Bass Boat is out of the question.

Right now I use a john boat but it is pretty wide and overall big. We set 6 bait casting rods on one side and 6 casting/spinning finesse rods on the other. We have plenty of room in the floor for 4 big tackle bags and keep other things in the live well.

My issue is aluminum style bass boats are hard to find with the storage for rods I am looking for. I just want to find a decent sized boat with fair storage and a motor around 50hp. At this moment I would rather just keep our old boat and add a new engine.

Check out the new Vexus aluminum boats. Former employees from Ranger started a new boat company with none other than Forrest L Wood as part of the new company. https://vexusboats.com/

They're working on their fiberglass models now but have yet to reveal them.
I been watching the Vexus boats on youtube, I want one of the aluminum ones pretty bad...

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