Seaeagle Se 9

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Seaeagle Se 9

Post by Stoneyman » Sun Aug 05, 2007 11:06 pm

I was looking at buying a jon boat over the last couple of weeks, but having looked at some of the prices over here in southern Japan, it's like they want about $1000. for one with one seat.
Then there's the cost of a roof rack for my mini van (another $500.), the whole idea of getting a jon boat seemed to start turning into a nightmare of obstacles.

Then i read the reviews of the foldcat & Se8.
I liked both craft but choose the Se9 because i can fit the whole family on it, has good stability and i can use it in the bay on calm days for fishing.

The Se 9 also looks easier to set up which was another factor in my buying decision. Having had a bucks bag pontoon boat i was looking for something with a minimal hassel to setup.
At a cost of only $499. for a used one at seaeagle's website with a three year warranty, it seems like it makes every other budget boat obsolete.
I should have it in about 3 weeks ( yeah the mail is slow here)
i will snap some pics when i get her on the water.
If anyone has this boat, i would like to hear your opinion on your likes & dislike.
Also thank-you to the staff of tackle tour for such great reviews!

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