Phenix x-13 blank custom crankbait

When production rods are not enough, it's time to go custom. Come share your experiences building and/or ordering a custom rod and tell us if you'll ever go back to off the shelf.
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Phenix x-13 blank custom crankbait

Postby angry john » Wed Sep 05, 2018 7:45 pm

Im a guy that like a rod that can do almost everything. This trait was embodied in my white python, a rod i still have and love to this day. Which brings me to my new project a highly versatile cranking stick for tournament fishing. I read the review from CAL and started to really dig on this rod blank as the only complaint was the short handle. That is a major deal breaker for me normally but in this case i can make any handle length i want. The review stated that it handled the lure range of 1/2 to 3 oz well. Does anyone have experence with this blank and does it truly cover the entire range well? Planned on pairing it up with an original Zillion HLC (JDM). The 10 xd is the biggest bait i plan to throw but will it do the little jon MD on the low end decently or is it a big stretch. I am more used to faster rods but when money is on the line keeping them pinned is $$$, This will be my first adventure into a blended blank and feedback would be highly appreciated.

Cal's original review and why i am looking at this blank Http:// ... 0-25lb-X13

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