Daiwa Aird X 5’6” UL Spinning rod

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Daiwa Aird X 5’6” UL Spinning rod

Postby gillchaser » Wed Jul 11, 2018 9:36 am

I got my new Daiwa UL rod yesterday. It’s an Aird X 5’6” UL spinning rod. Daiwa doesn’t list it on there Aird X page , but they’re available if you search around . It’s a AIRDX56ULFS .
I sometimes like a shorter rod for fishing soft plastics for LM bass . Particularly plastic worms . I fish them from straight with a small jighead to wacky style . And this rod works great for me .
I matched it up today with a fairly new Daiwa Fuego 2000 loaded with 6# Silverthread an40 .
With a 1/16th jighead and the front half a Zoom trick worm , I manage to hook six LM’s this morning out of the overfished town pond . Most were caught wacky style today . I also hook the worm Ned style sometimes.
I like the rod . Casts are easy to make and accuracy was excellent with this rig .
It fishes similar to the Daiwa Triforce 5’6” I spoke of recently. Nice rods that fit a purpose for me and do the job well . Gillchaser

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Re: Daiwa Aird X 5’6” UL Spinning rod

Postby LowRange » Mon Jul 16, 2018 11:53 pm

Those Arid X rods are sharp looking and I like the carbon fiber X wrap. I haven't held an Arid since the goofy orange ones. They have changed a lot.

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