Slimed my new rod this morning

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Slimed my new rod this morning

Postby gillchaser » Tue Jun 26, 2018 8:54 am

I took my new 8’ Berkley Trout Rod UL to the town pond this morning. I paired it with a Daiwa Laguna 2500 , with 4# Silverthread , thinking the extra weight would balance the rod .
I fished about an hour with hair and feather jigs under a float without a nibble . Although the rod performed great . With the weighted float I could make some long casts and cover a lot of water .
Then I broke out the soft plastics . First a 1” curlytail , under the float , but without any takers . I pulled the float but was having a problem getting any distance at all .
I walked back to my truck and swapped out the reel for a Shimano Sahara 500 loaded with 2# P-Line . To my surprise, because of the rods long butt section , the combo balanced just in front of the reel seat . Not bad for for a light reel , long rod combo. With this I was able to cast my normal 50-60 feet with the 1/64 Trout Magnet jighead and now I’d switched to a bison trout magnet body .
Don’t know if it was the line change or the bait or both , but in the next twenty minutes I caught three small lm bas , which is good for the Town pond lately . Here’s the biggest one . Gillchaser

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