Favourite Nanofil leader knot

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Re: Favourite Nanofil leader knot

Postby adam lancia » Sun Feb 25, 2018 2:59 am

DirtyD64 wrote:
adam lancia wrote:Thanks for the feedback Brad, I really appreciate it! It's good to have someone with firsthand experience to go off of, I'll look into that line. The only braid I use is 832 so this'll keep it in the family lol. My 4 year old daughter is gonna love that it comes in pink!


Where do you live??? Wish I could get a brighter colored line. Considered ordering PowerPro original in yellow or red (5lb), but after this thread I feel like I need to try the Nanobraid.

I live on the east coast of Canada in Nova Scotia. I saw pink on their site but can't find it anywhere else. Might have to order directly from then to get it.

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