rod for stradic 1000 ci4+ and reel for USDM 7ft presso?

How small is your rod and how light is your line? It's not about the size of your tackle, but how you work it. Come share your Ultralight fishing success here!
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rod for stradic 1000 ci4+ and reel for USDM 7ft presso?

Post by smokerings » Tue Jan 23, 2018 5:08 am

Hi all!

I currently am running a 7ft Diawa Presso with my 1000 stradic and I'm looking for a new rod for this setup.
I am thinking of something like the 6'9 Fenwick River Runner (ERR69UL-FS-2)

I'm looking to give the Presso to my dad and pick up a solid reel for him in the $100 Canadian price range so he doesn't have to use my old Diawa Spinmatic-X UL with the tip broken off and a beat up old shimano solstace 1000.

I mostly fish streams and rivers for Smallmouth bass, with some trout and panfish in the mix.

I use a lot of small spinnerbaits like the Strike King Mini King along with 0-1 sized spinners, small tubes and other various lures and soft plastics.

Just fishing for some insight on what is out there as I haven't followed the market closely in years!

IMy last purchase happened to be a Diawa 2500 Procyon SH EX spooled with 12lb nanofil on a Fenwick HMX 6'6 MH rod for $130CAD.
It is used but there is no real sign of it other than some marks on the reel where it has been set down.
It helps when buying from tackle junkies, he said he was just using it for dropshotting!
I was just looking for a newer reel to use on my HMG 7' M but I lucked into this combo for cheaper than the reel still costs here.

That reel honestly feels light and small enough to be used on the right UL or L setup so maybe I'll try that out at some point

No clue why I am ended up getting and looking at so much Fenwick gear but that's just how it ended up since I started to buy new tackle after a long stretch of using my 15+ year old stuff from my high school days.

Thanks for reading this and I hope to see a few comments soon!

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Re: rod for stradic 1000 ci4+ and reel for USDM 7ft presso?

Post by Isaiah20 » Sun Feb 25, 2018 11:36 am

The River Runner would be a step down in power. The 6'9" light I have is lighter than one would expect. My fishing buddies have used it and been tricked into thinking they have a much bigger trout on than they actually do.

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Re: rod for stradic 1000 ci4+ and reel for USDM 7ft presso?

Post by jigmaster5 » Fri Mar 02, 2018 7:18 am

i use a Pflueger Supreme XT 25 on my 7' Presso's. 6 oz. nice drag. i have 2 and they are great for trout + panfish. 4 lb nanofil + fluoro leader.

only trouble that I've had is that I needed to fool around with it a bit to get the line lay dialed in. i ended up using some Shimano spool shims to shim it properly. once i got the line lay balanced + even, it has been perfect.

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