Crappie rod

How small is your rod and how light is your line? It's not about the size of your tackle, but how you work it. Come share your Ultralight fishing success here!
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Re: Crappie rod

Postby Warhawk » Fri Mar 30, 2018 6:49 pm

This is right up my alley, we have several semi private lakes here, loaded with a variety of bream, and small spots and largemouth bass.

The best true ultralight I have is a 6’ Daiwa Presso, with a 1500 size Aird reel. I’ve used it with both 2 and 4 # line. Caught a lot of fish with it, up to a 3# spotted bass. My favorite lure is a little 1/16 spinner called the “creek spin” made by Southern Pro Tackle. It’s like a miniature spinner bait, use it with the plastic body you prefer and it will catch the hell out of bream.

I find that I prefer a slightly heavier action most of the time. I have a 6’3” Quantum Smoke rod, light action. I’m using a small Lews reel on it, don’t remember the model. I like this one so well that I bought a spare, exactly the same right down to the reel. I run 4# Yo-Zuri hybrid on these. By far my most often used rods.

Just this week I discovered a cheap ($50) Falcon rod, the SLAB series. I couldn’t resist and bought one each in 5’ and 6’. The little 5 footer seems like it’ll be a lot of fun.

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