Who is using BFS casting gear for trout/panfish

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Re: Who is using BFS casting gear for trout/panfish

Postby Edward78 » Thu Mar 14, 2019 6:03 am

Dalleinf wrote:
Edward78 wrote:I just purchased the Kuying TTC-632UL and the TTC-522SUL rods. Haven't fished them yet but I can tell you the SUL is Moderate action with very little backbone (Noodle), as expected from a SUL rod. and the UL is Moderate Fast and is less noodlely if you know what I mean


How do you you like the TTC-632UL?

I actually like it it a lot, I use it for 1/16 oz hard minnows, jerkbaits and cranks and have been throwing the 1/16 chatterbaits on it as well. nice action for casting 2 to 3g lures and enough backbone to set the hook with the chatterbaits.

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