Native's smaller Titan: the 10.5

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Native's smaller Titan: the 10.5

Postby Brad in Texas » Sun Dec 24, 2017 11:14 am

No, I haven't taken one out yet but I did see Greg Blanchard's short test on YouTube and I generally like what I see there.

But, the big surprise for me? Its price point of $2499, only $100 more than a Native Propel Slayer 10. The small Titan is 9" longer and 3.5" wider at the beam and weighs 35 or so pounds more. So, it has a lot of added raw material base. I was on record guessing that this vessel would be priced at just under $3000. Anyway, good to see some aggressive pricing on a pedal kayak.

The big upsides for the Titan 10.5 will be its great width (37.5") making it very easy to stand in. That is a big deal for me, likely most anglers, too. And, this one can be carried in the back of most truck beds or vans, etc. since it is only 10'9" long.

Standing ability, no trailering required, nice price point, one of the most aggressive kayaks for tight radius turning, too. All good.

No, it won't be a speed demon with those blunt measurements; that, and there will be maintenance required on the drive from time to time.

Worth a look!


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