Scrounger Style Jigs

Jig it, spin it, buzz it, if it's got a wire or a lead head, it can and will be discussed in here.
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Scrounger Style Jigs

Postby JBcrankaddict » Sat Jan 27, 2018 4:09 pm

Looking at buying more Scrounger style jigs to fill the box, and have used the Tennessee Tremor jigs in the past and liked them a lot. Only thing I didn't like was they did not have a bait keeper(most Scroungers do not for some reason) and hate dealing with trailers that slide down. Looking at the Hogfarmer baits Hogwobblers and was wondering if anybody had any opinions on these? How's the hook, durability, does the lip fit well, and how do they swim? Open to recommendations on other custom jigs as well. Thanks for any info you guys can provide.

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