Favorite JDM jig

Jig it, spin it, buzz it, if it's got a wire or a lead head, it can and will be discussed in here.
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Re: Favorite JDM jig

Postby goldrod » Mon May 29, 2017 2:25 pm

Pen3 wrote:
goldrod wrote:I'm going get a couple jigs
I broke out my conquest 50 today and forgot how awesome of a reel it was. Finding out about the 3.3 fats on a football will help me
out. Other than the keitech jigs are there any others? This thread is the bees knees

I really like the Deps flat back jigs after a trial test and now own over 25 of them. They have extremely sharp and strong hooks (owner cutting point) and have a medium profile with wire keeper. I throw these instead of the keitech when i need stronger and bigger jigs. The Gan Craft is also good if you want a slightly bigger profile and still a medium gauge hook.

Those look good
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Re: Favorite JDM jig

Postby Johnny A » Sat Jun 03, 2017 6:15 pm

O.S.P. Zero One for large jigs

O.S.P. Synchro, Evergreen Abe Rubba, Keitech for finesse

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Re: Favorite JDM jig

Postby earthworm77 » Mon Jun 12, 2017 9:22 pm

I like Keitech, Eco Pro and Molix

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Re: Favorite JDM jig

Postby down4ttown » Tue Jul 04, 2017 9:15 pm

Still like the Jackall Spade jig although I can't afford them as much as I tend to use a jig. Tournaments only usually.

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