Kistler rods are awesome

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Kistler rods are awesome

Postby KoYak » Thu Jul 10, 2003 10:13 am

Hey guys,

You've all probably read reviews of the Kistler rods on TackleTour. Based on the Helium review, I bought a Helium. WOW! that rod is awesome. So I bought a spinning Helium. Again...WOW!!! I tell myself I need a heavier action rod, so I bought a 7ft MH Mark Tyler signature series...only gets a (lower case) wow! but the Mark Tyler series is one versatile rod. I teamed this rod with a new reel (TORNO 3006 HSI). I have fished 1/8 oz spinner baits, senkos (4 and 5 in), 1/8 - 5/8 oz Jig and pigs, crankbaits of various sizes and up to 3/4 oz spinner baits. I can even pitch and flip with this rod. I HAVE to buy another one. I bought all three of these rods based recommendations from Zander and Trey Kistler. These guys are right on with their recommendations.

If you guys are in a market for a new rod, especially baitcasting, consider a kistler.

PS. I now have to keep my promise to my wife and sell some of my older fishing rods.

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Re: Kistler rods are awesome

Postby Phippy » Thu Jul 10, 2003 5:59 pm

Thats funny I just received my Kistler Helium LTA rod today. I have the 6'9" version med-heavy but with a slightly softer tip than a normal med-heavy. I'll be using this for my Senko's and smaller jigs.

I teamed the rod up with a Scorpion MG, combined weighs just over 10oz. Extremely light setup with good backbone. Tested it on the way home from work, ended up with 5 smallies all on a 4in Senko texas rigged. The performance was simply amazing.

Nice little present I bought myself as I leave for Maine this weekend on a Smallie fishing trip. Priceless. :D

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