Braided Line Question

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Re: Braided Line Question

Post by Centipede » Fri Jan 25, 2008 5:02 am

Stringjam wrote:It isn't a misconception, it's a fact - - fish can be conditioned to avoid lures when they can see visible line attached to it. Fishing pressure teaches bass what to avoid. This isn't a rumor, it's been tested scientifically with conclusive results. Bass aren't far as I have read, they don't get "scared" - but they are well capable of learning what to avoid to survive.

How picky can fish be? Last winter I was crappie fishing - catching fish after fish while my partner caught nothing. Same jig, same presentation, same everything........the only difference, I was using 4 lb. mono and he was using 15 lb. braid. I tied him on a leader of the 4 lb. and he IMMEDIATELY started catching fish with me. I may not be the smartest man in the world, but that evidence is good enough for me.....and it isn't an isolated incident. Keep in mind - this water has visibility up to 15'.

At any rate - - tying leaders doesn't "trouble" me at all.... I still manage to have fun out there. ;) ;) ;)
I'm sorry String but your "facts" are flawed. I agree a fish can be conditioned to a specific vibration, sound or action of a bait but you cannot prove using braid or mono makes a difference directly. We have all seen someone catching them with say 6lb mono and a buddy fishing with 10lb not with the same bait. The fact is the bait will have different action with mono or braid on it due to the different qualities they have.

As for your Crappie example, all fish are not the same. Bass see very differently from Crappie so using other fish doesn't prove anything.

When it gets down to it, if you believe you will get more bites with a leader then you probably will. The only thing I think is a fact is that the mono industry has a lot vested in making sure we think we need several different types of line for various conditions and we should change it regularly.

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