Help me pick a Round Baitcaster please

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Which reel should I get? Luna 203 or Millionaire SW 203

Daiwa Luna 203
Daiwa Millionaire SW 203
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Re: Help me pick a Round Baitcaster please

Postby chinook » Tue Oct 30, 2007 10:52 pm

Fishing OC: It's a little difficult for me to make the comparison between the Conquest and the Luna because I haven't fished the same sized reels in both lines. My conquest is a 401; I expect that to have more torque and power than my CV-Z203LA. Your comparisons may be more valid as you have apparently fished both reels in the same size.
That said, I don't find my Conquest to be appreciably smoother and I prefer Daiwa's magnetic braking. Once I swapped out the drag washers on the CV-Z for HT100s, the drag is very smooth and quite powerful though I haven't measured with a scale to see how many pounds I'm getting at max.
Don't get me wrong, I like my Conquest but the difference in price is considerable; $250 versus $400+. The magnetic brakes on the smaller Lunas (unlike my CV-Z), are externally adjustable so can quickly and easily be re-set as conditions and/or lures being cast change. Additionally, as you know, there is no warranty available in the US for the Conquest. After all that, I did buy the Conquest 401 but the 300L Luna also doesn't have externally adjustable magnetic brakes. If it did, I probably would have purchased it instead of the 401 Conquest as it would have had everything I wanted and at a much lower price. Different people look for different features in their reels.

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