Great baits that noone talks about.

From crankbaits to jerkbaits to wakebaits and more, TackleTour's new hardbait sub-forum has been a long time coming. Well, now your wait is over!
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Great baits that noone talks about.

Post by ScoobyDoo » Sun Oct 01, 2017 7:22 pm

Seems on the forums MB 110's get a ton of love.

But what about others. Me personally I'm not a fan of many of their offerings...meh hooks. Actions and finishes that do catch...but others catch as well..and throw further.

I'm going to be putting together a few vids in a series highlighting some baits that noone talks about. Starting with the Sebile stick shadds.
And was curious if anyone else is a fan.
It has an action similar to Lucky craft wanders, or jackall sierra minnows. With a big 8" wide (in fw sizes) side side off center back and forth on a steady retrieve. Kind like a glide bait. And darts that are about as erratic as a field mouse.
Add to that...a usdm cheap bait that comes with REALLY good hardware.
Bank fishermen who need distance...can get an extra 30' over pretty much any other jerk bait out there.
River guys can twitch em in current and skinny braided water. And let em fall on slack line when they come into some frog water. (sinking version).
Without worry of lips getting cracked or worse getting wedged in rocks. And the narrow belly portion means great hook up ratios when switching to inline singles vs trebles

Seems that if a bait doesn't have any form of a diving lip...people just thing it has the action of a twig.
But in actuality they have more action and tend to perform better in faster current. ALl while having better depth control.


7 bucks shipped is a great deal for a bait this versatile and durable. And i can't remember ever seeing anyone talk about these on any forum.
And the larger sizes are spectacular for surf casting and the 210's are tuna worthy right out of the package.

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Re: Great baits that noone talks about.

Post by DirtyD64 » Mon Oct 02, 2017 8:54 am

Unrelated example yet similar... Keitech Easy Shiners versus the Swing Impact FAT, everyone in Arkansas has a few packs of FATS on the boat, but I really like the Shiners too, thin profile does something for Smallmouth and Walleye.
I REALLY like (w/ high success) GrandeBass Craws/Creatures and Rattlesnakes, and a worm that NEVER gets love anymore is the Gene Larew Tattletail worm in 6".
Maybe as a last idea SPRO hardbaits??? I feel like I am one of the only locals who uses them at all too...

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Re: Great baits that noone talks about.

Post by JBcrankaddict » Mon Oct 02, 2017 10:18 am

I started a thread a while back asking about lipless twitchbaits that seem to dominate saltwater flats, but not many are using them in the freshwater. Sebile Stick Shad, Rapala Twitchin Minnow, Mirrolure Mirrodine are a few examples on the market, and my buddy makes some out of wood that get bit like nothing else. The original Stick Shads were really good baits, still have a few in the box. I use them and the Twitchin Minnow the most, and they really catch fish well around shallow grass edges. The Sebile is the slow sink version and still sinks faster than the Rapala, and the action is great. Really have to spend some time with these though to get the right cadence going for the best action.

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Re: Great baits that noone talks about.

Post by Texas-Rigged » Wed Nov 29, 2017 8:58 am

Cotton Cordell Suspending Spot or the Rattle Trap version- Mopped up fish on these for years.

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Re: Great baits that noone talks about.

Post by BigG » Thu Dec 07, 2017 3:15 pm

Texas-Rigged wrote:Cotton Cordell Suspending Spot or the Rattle Trap version- Mopped up fish on these for years.
Tat-L-Trap blue n chrome

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Re: Great baits that noone talks about.

Post by slipperybob » Tue Dec 12, 2017 7:52 am

Storm Flutterstick
Yozuri Edge Trembler
Rapala Subwalk

I like playing with these lures.
slip bobbing is the laziest way to fish

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