Favorite line for different techniques

The single most important aspect of your tackle providing that vital link between yourself and your catch. What's everyone's favorites and why? Come on in and find out!
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Favorite line for different techniques

Postby Obz » Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:08 pm

This is how I roll 8-)
Frog/punch= Briad- 65# suffix 832 (gonna try 60# sunline fx2)
Jerkbait/smallcrank/lightTrig= fluoro-12# sunline assasin
Heavier trig/jig= fluoro- 16# gamma edge
Bigger cranks= nylon mono-17# trilene xl (gonna try 15# Defier armillo)
Topwater= nylon mono-15# trilene xl (gonna try 15# Defier armillo)
Ferry wand techniques= nylon mono- 8# trilene xl (gonna try 8# assassin fluoro and 8#invisx fluoro)

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Re: Favorite line for different techniques

Postby poisonokie » Tue Apr 17, 2018 8:19 pm

Frogs, C rigs, heavy vegetation flipping/pitching: 65# J-Braid
Flipping/pitching, skipping, >1/2 oz+ jigs, heavy cover: 20# Abrazx
T rigs, pitching, <3/8 oz jigs, swim jigs, spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, squarebills in rip rap: 15# Invizx
T rigs, football jigs, small swimbaits (3.8 Keitech), weightless plastics, spinnerbaits, shallow cranking:12# Invizx
Light T rigs, weightless plastics, finesse jigs/cranks, jerkbaits, wacky worms, shakey heads: 10# Invizx
BFS, weightless plastics, finesse cranks/jigs, wacky worms, drop shot: 6-8# Invizx
Topwater, spinnerbaits, swim jigs, chatterbaits, squarebills, shallow-mid cranks: 16# Super Natural/30-40# J-Braid
Shallow-deep cranks, rattle traps, topwater, spoons: 30# J-Braid
Small topwater, finesse cranks/spinnerbaits, finesse jigs/weightless plastics in vegetation, jerkbaits: 15# J-Braid
L Spinning: 4# Invizx-6# CXX
ML Spinning: 10# Power Pro
MH Spinning: 10# Fluoroclear
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Re: Favorite line for different techniques

Postby spookybaits » Wed Apr 18, 2018 12:18 pm

Jerkbaits- 6# Sufix Siege mono

Poppers- 10# Sufix Siege mono

Topwater walking baits- 14# Sufix Siege Mono

Shallow/med/deep Crankbaits- 8-10# Sufix Fluorocarbon

Plastics/jigs- 8-14# Sufix Fluorocarbon

Spinnerbaits- 14# Sufix Fluorocarbon

Small swimbaits- 14-17# Sufix Fluorocarbon (sometimes mono)
Large swimbaits- 17-20# Sufix Fluorocarbon (sometimes mono)

Frogs & buzzbaits- 50-65# braid (usually Sufix 832 but haven't found a favorite braid yet).

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