Best braid for spinning reels?

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Brad in Texas
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Re: Best braid for spinning reels?

Postby Brad in Texas » Thu Jun 28, 2018 6:55 pm

I'd mention that Sufix Nanobraid should be included in any discussion of top braids for spinning reels.

I began using it in 2 lbs. for ultralight fishing. I'd catch the occasional LMB or catfish deciding to nibble on my small presentations. As of last week, I am now up to a bass just shy of 6 lbs. caught on 2 lbs. braid.

I spooled on some 14 lbs. test, the largest available in this line, on another reel and it has the same diameter as Sufix 832 in 10 lbs. test strength.

My guess is 14 lbs. Nanobraid is likely as strong as most 20+ lbs. braids. Technical details claim it has a much tighter weave, more per unit of length of line. I'd read the material on it over on the Sufix website. Interesting.

Since I have been a 10 lbs. braid main line to an 8 lbs. fluorocarbon leader user on most of my bass rigs, I have swapped over to the Nanobraid in 14 lbs. just to give me the extra strength but at a smaller diameter.

If you fish straight braid, no leader, I'd drop down to 6 lbs. Nanobraid. It'd catch anything and everything you'd likely hook into in fresh water.


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Re: Best braid for spinning reels?

Postby montey » Wed Oct 31, 2018 10:12 pm

I started using Power Pro 8, 10, and 15lb on my spinning reels years ago. After getting used to general braid operating tactics, and leader knots (I use the FG without any problems) I never felt the need to try something else. I never have any issues, and I love using it. All my spinning reels are loaded with Power Pro except for one 4lb and one 6lb ultra light reels that are loaded with McCoys.

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