Duel Hardcore Super 8 10 lbs ABS and FG Knot Test

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Duel Hardcore Super 8 10 lbs ABS and FG Knot Test

Post by aquaholik » Mon Jan 29, 2018 12:56 pm

I'm quite impressed with this line when I tested it. That's because it "feels" thinner than it really is. It is listed as .006 inch and it feels that way but the scale and line density do not lie. It's actual diameter is closer to .009 inch, like most USA 10 lbs braid that tends to break over 20 lbs. This line is not as limp as J braid 8 in 10 lbs but it is very smooth like Nanofil and Fins 40G. It's stiffer than super limp Gliss and it feels like Nanofil after you break in Nanofil for 30 days.

ABS is around 23 lbs and FG knot strength is around 20 lbs. I have no idea about it's durability but it might be a good alternative to J braid 10 lbs and Gliss 24 lbs.

Is there anyway to get around the 100 KB limit for pictures. I've resized it down to 1995 VGA size before it will allow me to attach the file. Surely storage is much cheaper now.
Duel vs Nanofil Small 2.jpg
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Re: Duel Hardcore Super 8 10 lbs ABS and FG Knot Test

Post by slipperybob » Sat Feb 10, 2018 9:24 am

Wow, that's some pig...line. :big grin:
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