Is the 2015 Daiwa Exist worth the money?

Reels are the hottest topic for TackleTour. Everyone wants to know what the latest and greatest is and how they compare to the old guard. What's the best for light stuff, or what's your suggestion for heavy cover. Do we really need different retrieve ratios? It's all in here.
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Is the 2015 Daiwa Exist worth the money?

Postby stingray23 » Thu Jul 05, 2018 7:19 pm

Since the release of the newest Exist, the prices of 15 model have now been discounted. I have always been on the fence about whether or not to commit but since the prices have come down plus the additional 4th of July discount, I am extra intrigued by it. I currently own a 14 Stella, 12 Steez EX, 15 Certate, and I would like another high end spinning reel. I'm trying to keep the price as low as I can, so the newest versions of the Stella and Exist are not on my radar, yet ;) Can anyone with the 15 Exist give me some pluses and minuses based on their experience with the reel? I'd appreciate a speedy response as I only have till July, 6th to order from TW. Thanks.BTW, I am interested in the 2510 PE-H model, maybe the 3012 too.

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Re: Is the 2015 Daiwa Exist worth the money?

Postby GOOD YEAR 71 » Thu Jul 05, 2018 10:22 pm

I don't own a 2015 model but do own an Exist and only thing I can state with confidence is if you enjoy the Steez you will enjoy the Exist. I'm not up to speed on specifics but it's my understanding the only true variable is that of Exist being saltwater safe where Steez technically is not. As far as comparison, it is the flagship model and I assure you it is indeed every bit as nice. I think you should go for it. Good luck.

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