Steez A Question

Reels are the hottest topic for TackleTour. Everyone wants to know what the latest and greatest is and how they compare to the old guard. What's the best for light stuff, or what's your suggestion for heavy cover. Do we really need different retrieve ratios? It's all in here.
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Re: Steez A Question

Post by IlliniDawg01 » Fri Aug 10, 2018 12:39 pm

I feel like I need one of these Steez A's, though I would be equally happy with a Zillion version of the new Tatula that uses standard sized spools at some point in the near future.

Is there anyone out there with a Steez A that prefers the OG Steez frame and would be interested in a swap? I like the 7.1:1 ratio (my Steez is the same).


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Re: Steez A Question

Post by DirtyD64 » Sat Aug 11, 2018 12:14 am

After a few more days of testing the reel I will probably do one of my detailed long reviews. By the way, that MagZ Steez A spool is deadly in the SS/SV. Those two on a Medium cranking rod feel meant for each other. At least for me, I can turn the brakes way down and keep the cast control a tad tighter than normal to get impressive distance.

My Steez A is loaded up with a decent amount of braid backing and 10lb HiSeas fluoro (this time I got a full spool on there). Maybe it casts a tad better than the Zillion SV TW with the same spool? I cannot really tell but the Steez seems more precise, like it is just tighter toleranced or something. I can turn the brakes to 3 of 20 on the Steez and the Zillion SV TW runs at like 5-6 of 20, maybe it is line or lures at the time I was testing, maybe it is the magnets in the sideplate, maybe cleaning the bearings helped, who knows. I did feel some faint knocks on the retrieve (not every retrieve), but I think that was line crossing over with a little tension on the lure because the Steez A is very smooth, especially with 4 knob bearings added.

Either way catching a fish was amazing with that clicking drag. Makes me wonder why more low profile casting reels don't have that feature. Really gives you a heads up on how hard a fish is running and also notifies you if the drag is way too loose.

So far I really like this reel, not sure about selling the stock spool, probably still will because I want even more distance and the G1 SV TW Zillion spool was nice for control in the SS/SV. I like the G1 MagZ, but the Zillon SV TW spool is hard to beat. Not sure which actually throws further; the SV TW G1 takes tops for control/ease of use though.

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Re: Steez A Question

Post by freelancer27 » Sat Aug 11, 2018 5:38 pm

DirtyD64 wrote:After a few more days of testing the reel I will probably do one of my detailed long reviews. .
Please do! :D

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