Conquest 300 vs Conquest 200DC (1st gen vs 2nd gen)

Reels are the hottest topic for TackleTour. Everyone wants to know what the latest and greatest is and how they compare to the old guard. What's the best for light stuff, or what's your suggestion for heavy cover. Do we really need different retrieve ratios? It's all in here.
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Conquest 300 vs Conquest 200DC (1st gen vs 2nd gen)

Postby kakaryan » Tue Apr 10, 2018 8:44 pm

So I was looking for a reel for heavier uses and bait fishing, and I end up with these three options. Ideally I would like to have a round reel with anti reverse pawl, audible drag, not too heavy, good to palm and cast farrrrrrrr, but I know this thing doesn't exist yet.  So lets see:

1. Conquest 300.
Shimano have just updated it with non disengaged levelwind but because of this the sideplate could no longer hold the svs infinity brake dial which "downgrade" it to the old school svs only. I am not sure about this. I might prefer the 2015 version with svs infinity over a non disengaged levelwind. Also, how is the durability of those micro gears for heavier use? Thoughts?  

2. Conquest 200DC (2004 1st gen with DC vs 2009 2nd gen with DC+) 
I heard the 2004 version cast further than the 2009 version, while the 2009 doesnt cast as far but gives more control. Is that true? If further and by how much? I also heard that distance wise they cast the same but the 2009 gives you more setting. Thoughts? Personally I think the 2004 version looks better.  

Please do not suggest other reels like Antares or Ryoga or Shrapnel.......I have so many Daiwas and I limit the choices to these 3 models at the moment.  Would like to hear some feedbacks from actual owners and comparison which cast the furthest (for maybe 3/8oz to 2oz anyway).


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