Bantam MGL Who has their hands on one?

Reels are the hottest topic for TackleTour. Everyone wants to know what the latest and greatest is and how they compare to the old guard. What's the best for light stuff, or what's your suggestion for heavy cover. Do we really need different retrieve ratios? It's all in here.
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Re: Bantam MGL Who has their hands on one?

Postby Big-Bass » Wed Jun 13, 2018 5:11 pm

chreim20 wrote:In the last month, I have casted the Metanium MGL, Chronarch MGL, and the Bantam MGL on the same rod using 30 pound braid on each, and I can cast further, with less effort using the Bantam MGL than the other two. It's a little heavier, but palms better and feels like a quality reel. Needless to say, I sold the metanium and chronarch. Their only advantage is they are lighter in weight.

Awesome! Thank you!

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Re: Bantam MGL Who has their hands on one?

Postby DirtyD64 » Thu Jun 14, 2018 11:06 pm

Didn't want to start a whole new thread, but anyone debating about waiting might wanna look into this... ... DO_DC.html

Lists micro module and all Curado specs, so i guess it is coming... Also says it can cast 5-8gram lures with the right setting...

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