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R.I.P. NRX 872s

Posted: Sun Jul 21, 2019 1:11 am
by Hennessy
Well after only have this rod for around a year, it actually broke around 10” from the top on a lb drop shot fish. I’ve never had to use a rod claim before, so this is going to be my 1st experience. Clearly not my fault. I see Loomis has a no question $125 fee xpeditor program, not sure to use it OR just a regular warranty claim. And after my rod broke I used my buddy’s 6’10 rod(not sure the brand) & I really liked it just as good length wise as the 7’3 nrx. I mainly use 3/16oz & 1/4oz weights 98% of the time & 3/8 the other 2% for drop shottin spotted bass up to 3lbs. I know loomis has a specific drop shot rod. Curious what is the BEST nrx rod for drop shot with those weights in the nrx lineup.

Re: R.I.P. NRX 872s

Posted: Sun Jul 21, 2019 4:13 am
by Phippy
Well either direction you go with the warranty claim Loomis is going to give you another 872. I guess you could sell your replacement for something different. I recently just snapped my 902s after owning it since first release, clearly my fault. Called up to use the expeditor program and since my rod is no longer in production the computer on their end says their sending my a new Conquest 902s no extra charge. For the record the 902s was my DS rod and probably the best I've laid hands on and clearly not expecting the new Conquest to fish the same but will probably find use for it. \:D/

Re: R.I.P. NRX 872s

Posted: Mon Jul 22, 2019 8:25 am
by Matt_3479
If you like the 6’10” then the nrx 822s dsr is there actual dropshot rod. I fish there glx version of it and love it. Has a great tip, soft yet powerful. Really keeps fish pinned. I also have an 852s and handled the 872s 100 times while going back and forth with the 852/872 and it would work for a dropshot I personally prefer the 822s action vs the other two.