What are You PUNCHING with?

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Re: What are You PUNCHING with?

Postby bronzefly » Mon Mar 05, 2018 4:34 am

spencerinstl wrote:
bronzefly wrote:Megabass US Destroyer Warhammer and a Tackle Trap custom Zillion HD 9:1

How does the warhammer compare to the Dobyns DX 795 Flip, Megabass Power Versatile, and Megabass Super Red Demon?

Sorry Spencer - missed this one. It's been quite some time since I did anything but pick up the DX 795, so I'll leave that one alone. The Warhammer feels like a punching rod and it does it well with 1oz and up. It's really stout obviously, has a moderate fast action that takes some pressure to get flexing. The Power Versatile has a higher lure rating, but has a noticeably slower action and feels less powerful in the tip section, it has the sense of a large moving bait rod rather than a bottom contact rod. The SRD is a very powerful stick of course, more so than either the other two, yet it has some unique flex characteristics that take away some of that expected "broom stick" feel based on it's ratings alone. It's fantastic with big swim baits, big umbrella rigs, etc. All three are really nice rods but generally for different purposes. Not to say that there isn't overlap, because there certainly is, but selecting the right one for particular applications will result in a better outcome.

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