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What do i "need"

Posted: Sun Jul 30, 2017 3:13 pm
by Bigguy
I am looking to have a more well rounded / improved bait caster line up. I mainly fish as a non boater, and bring 4 spinning rods and 4 (or less) bait casting rods (Northeast not NY).

I am leaning toward adding a MB Destroyer Javelin and either an MB xxx Rattleviper or xxx Oneten. Should I add either of these or something else? What should I add first? I am looking to add one now and one in the fall / spring.

I normally select the BC rods based on anticipated techniques for the season and lake. Thus, I am looking for high performance with some degree of versatility. The versatilely is needed so that if I need a technique that i did not think of, it can be fished with what I've got with me.

The Baitcasting lineup from heaviest to lightest is: (drumroll? :big grin: )
Poison Adrena 7'4" XH - Flipping / frogs / swimbaits (mostly fun fishing)
NRX 804c JWR - Jigs / Trigs
Expride 6'8" MH/XF - Jigs / Trigs (I fish a lot of docks and always have a jig and a plastic tied on)
Cabelas XML - 7' H/F - (Spinnerbait / chatter bait / single hook moving baits)
St. Croix LTB 6'8" - M/F - Jerkbaits / medium diving crank baits
Berkley Lightning rod 6'6" M/MF (top waters)

Re: What do i "need"

Posted: Sun Jul 30, 2017 3:34 pm
by goldrod
Get a power versatile.. and you'll have just about all you could ask for..
It subs for at least 4 of the six rods you currently have..

Re: What do i "need"

Posted: Mon Jul 31, 2017 10:25 am
by metanium
The Javelin is an extremely versatile rod in the new Destroyer line up. That'd get my vote.

Re: What do i "need"

Posted: Wed Aug 09, 2017 5:20 pm
by BlaineFred
I also fish "back-of-the-boat" so I looked at your list with great interesr.

The topic of list of rigs for back of the boat would be very interesting in itself, and maybe this thread can shift over to such a topic.

I have never brought more than seven rods, and one must be very careful even with six.I would. Developing multi-function rigs is sometimes a challenge.

I am interested in your spinning rod list, and reels....reels could also be added to the B/C listing.

The Cabela's XML rod on the list for spinner baits surprised me. I owned such a rod about 10 years ago, it may have been the Ti version. i bring it up because it was simply too heavy powered for spinner bait use. Cabela's labeled it as a spinner bait rod. A friend was looking for a spinner bait rod. I let him use it in a tournament,and he agreed with my assessment.

On your need, I suggest the Dobyns DX Extreme 743. I use mine for spinner baits, swim jigs, etc.

Re: What do i "need"

Posted: Wed Aug 09, 2017 5:41 pm
by Kschultz76
What you're going to need is a high credit limit. Megabass rods are adicting especially the new Destroyers. Check out the Daemos too, I hear it's an extremely versatile medium heavy powerish stick.

Re: What do i "need"

Posted: Thu Aug 10, 2017 6:53 pm
by j2015
You bring 8 rods?! That's a lot to lug around..when I go non boater I bring 3, a medium or a heavy jig rod, another medium casting rod for spinners/crankbaits, and a spinning rod for worms.

Re: What do i "need"

Posted: Fri Aug 11, 2017 9:06 am
by BlaineFred
j2015 wrote:You bring 8 rods?! That's a lot to lug around..when I go non boater I bring 3, a medium or a heavy jig rod, another medium casting rod for spinners/crankbaits, and a spinning rod for worms.
The number of rods and the mix depends on the fishery. I usually bring seven...six B/C's and one spinning rod; or five B/B's and two spinning rods. The mix is different for fisheries with thick grass and fisheries with very little grass. The mix may also differ for areas with a large number of docks; or deep water bites; or fisheries with many points where Carolina rigs would be used; or fisheries that usually call for a lot of shallow worm fishing; or when a drop shot rig is called for.

I don't do large swimbaits or deep water crank baits very often. Punching is a technique that I hate, although I can prepare for it if I knew ahead of time.

One multi-function rig is my top-water and Carolina rig with a Phenix Ultra MBX rod rated H but fishes more like an MH. The Zillion SV TW reel is spooled with 50 lb Sufix 832 braid. There are times such as early mornings where top waters would be leader, just braid connected to a bait like a popper, a BuzzJet, or a hollow body frog. If a Carolina rig is called for, I have the leader rigged up ahead of time in a small container in my tackle bag. I simply put the weight, glass bead, and spacer up on the braid, connect a swivel and the pre-rigged FC leader/hook, and I'm ready.

Another multi-purpose rig is a Dobyns DX743 with a Zillion SV TW with 12 lb Tatsu....used for spinner baits, chatterbaits, and swim jigs. Can also use if for finesse jigs, although another rig using a GLX BCR803 and 15 lb Tatsu is the main jig rod.

Some rigs are single purpose such as my crankbait rig: a Calcutta TE 100GT DC with 12 lb Sunline Super Natural mono, but considering Sunline shooter. Mostly shallow and medium fishing. Rod is a Phenix X-12.

The main spinning rig is Dobyns DX702 with a 2500 Sustain with 8 lb Tatsu. Typical use is for 5-inch Zoom finesse worms with a 1/8 Slider-type of jig head. Drop shot use also.

Re: What do i "need"

Posted: Fri Aug 11, 2017 9:47 am
by curls
I bring 8-9 setups as a non-boater. Maybe it helps that I'm really good buds with all of my boater friends. :)

I'll echo the DX743 suggestion - that's a versatile rod I picked up this spring and so far I really like it.

My general list of rigs are built to do the following:
- Frog
- Punch
- 1/2 or 3/4oz jig
- 1/4oz t-rig
- Weightless wacky
- Weightless double-wide beaver
- Spinnerbait *(weightless t-rig senko)
- Shallow/medium Crankbait
- Dropshot *(skipping senkos/tubes)

*() = ones I can swap out for other techniques depending on the lake/river we're fishing any given day.
Also, I don't always bring all 9 but this is my general arsenal.

Re: What do i "need"

Posted: Sun Aug 13, 2017 6:16 am
by Bigguy
It looks like I am between the Daemos vs the javelin. I am about 50/50 as to each the three primary uses (in no particularly order) would be chatter baits / spinner baits / skipping light texas rigs under docks.

Based on what i've read, the Javelin may also be able to handle square bills and medium depth cb's and that is the way I am leaning.

In short, could I put 12 or 14# fc on a Javelin and throw all of these baits (chatter baits, texas rigs, square bills and cb's) effectively, or can the Daemos do the first three so much better than the Javelin that the versatility is not worth the lesser performance?