Need some help with G loomis What is your?

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Re: Need some help with G loomis What is your?

Postby bigfruits » Sat Jan 27, 2018 11:23 am

the old glx 842c is another of my favorites. i use it mostly for small swim jigheads with small paddle tails and topwater. the old glx 782c is a great pop-x rod. feels almost a power lower than the 842c in the tip IMO.

i love the old grips on the glx. i dont care for the cork foregrip but laying my index finger on the plastic threads just feels great when palming.

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Re: Need some help with G loomis What is your?

Postby j2015 » Tue Jan 30, 2018 5:41 pm

Lucky Craft Man wrote:Man, I love these type of threads. I know you asked for one's favorite g Loomis for Bass Fishing, but I couldn't help but provide you with my whole line up as they are all my favorite (otherwise, I would have sold them long ago).

G Loomis NRX 916C UBR – Punching, Frogs, Swimbaits, and A-Rigs. The is the most versatile NRX there is and it balances better than the 895C and possibly the 894C, due to the full cork rear handle.

G Loomis NRX 895C JWR – Heavy Cover Plastics/Jigs. This rod maybe the most sensitive rod I own, but it was awfully tip heavy. I counter weighed the butt section, so it now floats in my hand, but without that modification, I don’t think I would enjoy fishing this rod as much as I do.

G Loomis NRX 873C CRR – Weighted Plastics/Jigs, Carolina Rigs. This is an incredible rod. The action and power make this rod a pitching machine.

G Loomis NRX 853C JWR – Plastics. A good rod that I use for lighter plastics in medium to light cover.

G Loomis SWBR953C – Paddletails and Mega-Crankbaits. This rod fishes small Paddletail Swimbaits about as good as any rod can. This rod also handles what I call Mega-Crankbats (e.g., 10XD) well.

G Loomis CBR 896DF – Deep & Medium Diving Crankbaits. This rod fishes crankbaits that dive from 6ft. to 18ft. well with those that dive to the 10 to 12 ft, range sitting in it’s wheelhouse.

G Loomis SMR 814C-CB – Shallow & Lipless Crankbaits. This rod serves as my shallow running crankbait rod, like squarebills. It also rips Lipless Crankbaits out of the grass rather well.

G Loomis GLX BCR 855C (Custom Modification) – Jerkbaits. I had 4 inches cut off the butt section of this rod and it really maybe the greatest jerkbait rod made. Perfect action and power with enough sensitivity to feel the lightest “tick” when that smallmouth gently mouths the jerkbait during the pause.

G Loomis NRX 843 MBR (Custom) – Spinnerbaits and Topwater. This is another rod I had modified with 3 inches cut off the butt section. Great rod for spinnerbaits and works Zara Spooks and Poppers well.

G Loomis NRX 872S JWR – Tubes – I know the OP asked about this rod for tubes and I have to say, it is excellent for this technique. I have even used up to ¾ tubes with this rod and it fished it well enough. The sensitivity (as with all NRX) is incredible and you can feel even the slightest tick.

G Loomis NRX 852S JWR – Weightless Worms and Finesse Plastics. This is the ultimate spinning rod that can pretty much handle everything, but I particularly like it for Senkos and lightly weighted plastics in open water.

G Loomis NRX 822S DSR – Drop Shot. I use this rod only for drop shotting and nothing else. It is so good at that task that I won’t even insult the rods expertise by fishing anything else.

G Loomis NRX 822S SHR – Shakeyhead. I love fishing shakeyheads and this is the rod I use, but I will say, this is the lease sensitive NRX I own (not much difference between it and the GLX Shakeyhead Rod I traded in for this NRX)

You also asked about the NRX 854C JWR for skipping docks and the NRX 901S JWR for hairjigs (you also asked about the NRX 872S JWR for tubes, which I mentioned above). As far as skipping docks go, I don't have a lot of experience with the 854C, but I do have a lot of experience with the NRX 873 CRR. The 3 Power in the CRR series is close to a 4 Power in the JWR series and I think the 873 CRR rod has just a slight more of a "tip" to it that will make skipping a little more pleasurable.

I have never used or even held a 901S JWR, but I am looking for a hairjig rod, which I use my 852S JWR for now. From my research, that 901S is really soft and I am leaning toward the 902S for my hairjig and Ned Rig duties. Though, I wish I could find a store or person that had either one so I can feel for myself.

Good luck in your search for information.

Wow, that's a great lineup!

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