Can I use this line for tippet?

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Can I use this line for tippet?

Postby Brookie » Tue Apr 29, 2003 11:02 am

I have read on other forums and people are saying they
use triline xl, maxima, etc as their tippet material.
I have been using fluorocarbon tippets and have tried
Maxima, but will lines like Triline XL and other monos
work well?

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Re: Can I use this line for tippet?

Postby Buzz » Thu May 01, 2003 10:57 pm

:lol: I like to use P-Line CFX 6lb. test for my tippet when I am nymphing for steelhead. I have landed an 8lb. steelhead on this P-line that fought like a tarpon. I have actually bent #12 and 14 hooks strait back while applying slow steady pressure on snags.

The thing with flourocarbon is that it does not handle heat well. You MUST be sure you moisten the line with your spit before synching your knots (as always). Chips and frays drastically compromise the integrity of the line.

Keep in mind DON"T use flourocarbon for dries!! It does not float well.

I have also used Maxima perfection 4lb. while fishing for rainbows in the 12-18" category and it held up quite well too.

Hope this helps. Lines can be a crap shoot. It's a fine line between going as low as you can go to get the most hook ups, but being able land the bigger fish too. I used to think the lower you go the more hook ups the better, but after getting mandhandled by a couple big hogs those 2-3 extra small to medium size finicky fish didn't mean squat.

Go with what you feel confident with and once you find what works, stick with it. For me it's P-line and Maxima \:D/ . I have tried too many differen't brands at the suggestions of others (such as Rio floroflex) only to be disapointed [-X .

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