New 2018 Jackall lures

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New 2018 Jackall lures

Postby Bantam1 » Mon Jul 16, 2018 5:25 am

New Jackall Lures 2018

Chop Cut

-Prop makes different noises depending on the retrieve speed
-Asymmetrical prop design allows for different noises and ensures proper rotation
-Front wire prevents line from tangling with the prop
-Swiveling front hook helps prevent bass from spitting the lure
-Special coating on hooks help the hooks penetrate easier

Available in 6 colors
3.25”- .8 ounces

Riser 009PS

The RISER 009PS has the same unique upward angled lip as the RISER 007, but also features a cupped lip and larger body. This allows it to create a bigger disturbance on the surface to draw in bass from a distance. The gill slits create bubbles when retrieved. With the larger size, it is now perfect to use with baitcasting gear. RISE up to the challenge!

-Upward angled bill to make it rise immediately
-Cupped lip to create more water disturbance
-Larger body than original
-Gill slits create bubbles

Available in 6 colors
3.3” .75 ounce

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