Calcutta 200b vs 200 gtb?????

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Calcutta 200b vs 200 gtb?????

Postby Whitearrow » Sat Jun 02, 2018 10:41 am

Mods please forgive me for double posting this. I didn’t see the Shimano sub-forum til after I posted in the reel forum. Good evening fellas. I know the 200gtb has more bearings and a drilled/whiffle spool. But exactly what do those things give me in real world performance over the 200b? Are the more bearings and the whiffle spool advantageous or maybe a hindrance due to more bearings to maintain/replace and the whiffle spool could let water to the innards of the reel due to wet braid leeching water through the holes in the spool? What are y’all thoughts on this please?
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