**No pics, upgrades and thanks**

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**No pics, upgrades and thanks**

Postby Cristo » Fri May 25, 2018 1:35 pm

Hello fellow TTers,

I just wanted to say(not that i am never happy with upgrades)how happy I am with my internal upgrades for my squad of Shimano 201e and like models. Many thanks of course to Mr. Wood and the folks at Triple T :big grin: They provided me everything to swap out the basic internals for my 4 reels(Curado 201e7, Chronarch 201e7, and Scorpion XT models 1501 and 1501-7). My work horses all received AirHD spool bearings, upgraded Carbontex washers. Lol the Chronarch 201e7 and the Scorpion XT 1501 had the OG washers literally fused to the main gear. Had to clean extensively and lap main gear with 1500 grit and presto! GTG! Th XT 1501-7 got an addtinal upgrade and I turned her into a cranker with a 5.5 gear swap, she will get a full breakdown and become a re paint project down the road when season slows again, thinking rootbeer/flake/candied paint :-k . These now classics are a zinging even more than before :big grin:

Thanks 3T and Gary!!
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