I Need Help Choosing a Inshore Reel!

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Re: I Need Help Choosing a Inshore Reel!

Postby ematsuda » Thu Feb 05, 2015 10:44 am

+1 on the Battle for that price point. For stripers, I'd go for the 4000/20 lb. braid.

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Re: I Need Help Choosing a Inshore Reel!

Postby hawkoath » Thu Feb 05, 2015 11:03 am

Get the Penn Battle for the price its an extremely good reel and if you can find a deal at your local tackle store or a sportsmens show then it will be around 50-70 depending on the state. Shimano/Daiwa at that price are really, really not recommended especially for inshore. This is someone who has a lot of Shimano, Daiwa, etc... reels. This is especially true if you are catching more than fishing as I have found the Penns are generally stronger at reeling in the fish. My beat up Penn Fierce is a lot more robust than my Shimano Stradic FJ in that regard.

Btw there is a Revo Premier PRM40 on evilbay that will probably end around your price range of $100. If you want to take a chance at a discontinued reel and find you like lighter reels then I recommend that one particular item.

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Re: I Need Help Choosing a Inshore Reel!

Postby Dolores » Thu Jan 11, 2018 5:38 am

View at the Daiwa Ballistic at $200 or the Procyon at $150. Both of these reels are great for the price point and both have Daiwa Mag Seal oil. Daiwa reels are a little larger than Shimano or Penn that have the related nomenclature, thus you can get a 3000 Daiwa which holds the equivalent amount of line as a 4000 Shimano.
The Ballistic is a carbon fiber reel similar the Ci4+ but is $20.00 cheaper. The Procyon is a metal body reel.

Good luck
Dolores Malone

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