NEW Reel Cranking Upgrade

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NEW Reel Cranking Upgrade

Postby MTBF » Tue Oct 31, 2017 7:16 am

Good morning guys! It's been awhile since purchasing anything cool gear wise and recently I found that dam gear monkey on my back once again. Looks like this fall/winter well be upgrading reels, upgrading rods and changing half of our personal bass lineup. We have our eye on a couple of the new G.Loomis/Shimano Conquest 7'6's as well as another Metanium MGL or two, possibly some Curado K 200XG's and who knows what else.

First upgrade was retiring the Curado I 200PG, we ran Calcutta Conquest's in the past sold them to purchase Helix 7's for the boat and now we are gonna put the Shimano Antares 100 thru it's paces in 2018. DeepX-150/300 and the Deep-Six are my 3 bait's this combo will fish. Love the G.Loomis CBR958C DD it's too bad they were discontinued, enjoy the pics.



Tightlines guys! Well post the reel lineup in the coming weeks,

MTBF 8-)
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Re: NEW Reel Cranking Upgrade

Postby ccass » Tue Oct 31, 2017 8:33 am

Coming from a Daiwa fan, the Antares is awesome for deep cranking. Smooth, powerful and casts a mile.

Some think it's big but, I really like it for palming...unless it's 30 degrees out.

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